yoga studio trailer 2015 | new series: YouTube Archive

I remember so well how pleased I was with this trailer.
Thank you to the lovely Rebel Yoga crew that made it! 
The sound was deleted because it was a free to use song in 2015, but YouTube withdrew it later.

I m currently rediscovering yoga, as I am currently “yoga free” as I call it.
And one of aspects that still inspires me is “Rock Star Yoga”
So cool to see I used this brand or term in 2015 already!

9 February 2021

Today I retrieved my first videos!
I will be restoring a 7 YEAR BIG DATABASE!
English and Dutch.
Professional videos (only a handful) and amateur ones.
Personal vlogs, entrepreneurial vlogs and yoga videos.
Paid content, Bon Jovi diaries from 2020 which I took down because it was just waaaay to personal…
Hundreds and hundreds.

All in all, I think I will be done in 2049 LOL

So the first video I restored is this trailer is from my yoga studio which I no longer have.
I no longer teach yoga, because I lost it.
Yes you heard correctly: Lost it! Died on me! Yoga is nowhere to be found, and I did not know where to start looking.

Until I remembered I have an entire archive to bring my love for yoga back to me.
And to you.

I will unlock the videos on YouTube – but there will not be any notifications there.
But to follow the reposting of this YouTube archive, subscribe to
the site you are currently reading.
The subscription button is on this page, probably on the top right.

I will post all my old work here – English and Dutch, so it’s messy. But so is life! So that’s a good yoga lesson.
But you’ll get these unlocked archive videos, and the first year of content is all English, so definitely worth your while.


I m now yoga free and on a quest to find my yoga again –
it will be an INTENSE journey, and not for the faint at heart!
But if you DO want to follow this roller coaster adventure,
you can follow my new (2021) channel No Yoga 

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See you soon!


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