Unlocked: My YouTube debut 2015 | 35 minute yoga class, intermediate, pro shot

I’m unlocking my YouTube database and it opens with professionally shot videos.
Thank you to the lovely
Rebel Yoga crew that made them!

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Unlocked: My YouTube debut 2015 | 35 minute yoga class, intermediate, pro shot

In 2015, I worked with the team from Rebel Yoga, to create about 15 videos for my YouTube channel. They’re very professional, and the sound is awesome.
Here are the first three.
If you combine them you get a 35 minute class.

Baby M #1: No Yoga Yoga PRO SHOT 2015 | 13 minute yoga class | intermediate

My first ever yoga class is online!
And ps of course it’s TOTALLY YOGA.
Don’t get fooled by my love for rebellious titles 😉


Baby M #2: Loud and Strong PRO SHOT 2015 | 18 minute yoga class | intermediate

Loud: do funky stuff with your breath! Strong: prepare for some sore muscles tomorrow.
And at 9’55” that’s me pretending to be unbothered by my paper flying away. And 1 second later I completely forget to dip the shoulder to the inside of the knee. So much for keeping my cool.

All sequences (done properly) available in the pdf OUTLINE 😉 https://mmmyoga.files.wordpress.com/2015/08/baby-m-2.jpg

Baby M #3: Ujjaye & So Ham PRO SHOT 2015 | 5 minute breathing exercise

My favorite! Breathing with the sound of the ocean…. say bye bye to stress with this soothing meditation.


I m now yoga free and on a quest to find my yoga again –
it will be an INTENSE journey, and not for the faint at heart!
But if you DO want to follow this roller coaster adventure,
you can follow my new (2021) channel No Yoga 

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See you soon!


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