2015 | 40 minute yoga class, intermediate, pro shot

I’m unlocking my YouTube database and it opens with professionally shot videos.
Thank you to the lovely
Rebel Yoga crew that made them!

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2015 | 40 minute yoga class, intermediate, pro shot

practice note:
Just like yesterday’s share this is an intermediate practice, meaning not for beginners. I myself am starting with yoga again, by doing these videos from my own database:
Because I did not do yoga the past few years, not counting a single practice here and there, the videos from this post would technically no longer be suitable for me.

But I take the exercise as presented, as a “suggestion” and that works really well.

Baby M #04: Party Tricks PRO SHOT 2015 | 14 minute yoga class | intermediate

To answer your questions:
Yes, take it VERY easy on the drinking when trying these out.
And BYOB means bring your own beer. Or booze. Or brownies. *

pdf outline of Baby M #4:

*2021 I didn’t notice where BYOB was used in the video, maybe in the end screen, but copied the description from 2015. Because being informed on what BYOB is, is always good 😉 

Baby M #5: Twist & Turn PRO SHOT 2015 | 19 minute yoga class | intermediate

for reference pdf OUTLINE :

And yes, that half split (exercise 4) is indeed missing on the left side.
Sorry! 😀

Baby M #6: Fire & Water PRO SHOT 2015 | 8 minute yoga class | intermediate

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I’m experiencing hiccups as these videos are suddenly shook out of hibernation.

Only two exercises, great before sleeping.

Here s the pdf for reference https://mmmyoga.files.wordpress.com/2015/10/baby-m-6-fire-and-water.jpg


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This video is retrieved from the archives.
I ve quit teaching yoga and am diving deep into the subject of yoga, the self-practice which I totally lost.
And I m working my way towards rocking yoga again as I m calling it Rock Star Yoga!

I think yoga can (and perhaps should?) be experienced as big as rock concerts.

But first I have to start from scratch and reinvent yoga.
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See you soon!


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