2015 | 30 minute Madonna inspired yoga class, pro shot

Try one of these two videos for a good night sleep!
Or combine them for a 30 minute class.

Included in this blog post: The story of how I became a Madonna fan!
And what her most beautiful song is.
It is one you will almost certainly not know, unless you own a specific album of her.

Baby M #7: Bedtime Stories PRO SHOT 2015 | 18 minute yoga class | lunar yoga

Lunar yoga means, the yoga of the moon; A wonderful sequence before bedtime.

Here s the pdf for reference

The first video title of many, with a Madonna reference!
Bedtime Stories was Madonna’s 1994 album. The album was the moment I started buying her music again, after I had dropped out of that shortly after she became famous. In 1986, when she started her (less outspoken) Live to Tell era.

Technically I did not have to wait until 1994 to become a Madonna fan again;
Late 1990 she started her Erotica era, with the release of the single Justify My Love. But in 1990 I was still knee-deep into Guns N Roses.
So although her 1990 sexual outspokenness, her Blonde Ambition tour, and her appearance in the movie Dick Tracey (all in 1990) were plenty reason to start following her again, it was for identity/ artist reasons only.
I wasn’t into her music necessarily because my heart was still with Guns N Roses.

Baby M #8: Mer Girl PRO SHOT 2015 | 12 minute yoga class | lunar yoga

Mer Girl is the second video, inspired by Madonna.
It was the final song on her Ray of Light album. With lyrics about the loss of her mother, this is without a doubt the most intense, heartbreaking song Madonna has ever written.
During my career as a yoga teacher, I frequently used it for the long relaxation at the end.

fan made video Mer Girl – Madonna:

The song is of otherworldly beauty.

Lunar yoga means, the yoga of the moon; A wonderful sequence before bedtime.

Here s the pdf for reference


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This video is retrieved from the archives.
I ve quit teaching yoga and am diving deep into the subject of yoga, the self-practice which I totally lost.
And I m working my way towards rocking yoga again as I m calling it Rock Star Yoga!

I think yoga can (and perhaps should?) be experienced as big as rock concerts.

But first I have to start from scratch and reinvent yoga.
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