two morning yoga routines that rock! | 2015 pro shot

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I m reposting my yoga videos from 2015, and these two are awesome!

They are inspired by, or based on, what is called vinyasa yoga or Rock Star Yoga as developed by Sadie Nardini.

She was the first and perhaps only yoga teacher to this day, who really rocked yoga!

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Terms used in these two morning yoga videos, which I either learned from Sadie Nardini, or she could have said them;
– Darth Vader breathing, which is officially called Ujjaye breathing
– Charlie’s Angel mudra
– Karate Kid asana
– Ninja Lunges

Baby M #9: Ray of Light PRO SHOT 2015 | 11 minute yoga class | morning yoga

Ray of Light is my third yoga video, inspired by Madonna.
Ray of Light is her 1998 album, and also a single.


Baby M #10: Ninja Warrior PRO SHOT 2015 | 10 minute yoga class | morning yoga

Second morning routine, totally rocking it!


As sort of a PS for the Dutch people:
This is what my camera man gave as a description when he uploaded it.
I think there was no way of doing a better job here:

“Suzanne staat bekend als een van de sterkste ninja meesters. In deze les gaat ze in op het gebruik van werp sterren en nunchucks.”



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This video is retrieved from the archives.
I ve quit teaching yoga and am diving deep into the subject of yoga, the self-practice which I totally lost.
And I m working my way towards rocking yoga again as I m calling it Rock Star Yoga!

I think yoga can (and perhaps should?) be experienced as big as rock concerts.

But first I have to start from scratch and reinvent yoga.
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See you soon!


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