Erotica Series 4 yoga videos | 2015 pro shot

back cover Erotica album

Maybe it is because I love that 1992 Erotica album from Madonna.
Or because there’s no way not to laugh at the combination of yoga and a teacher making sexual jokes.
But these yoga videos have got to be my absolute favorite!

These professionally shot videos were the start of a few years of creating yoga videos, which I did side-by-side with my yoga studio in Nijmegen (Netherlands).

You can watch them below or check the playlist I made on YouTube. 
playlist: Erotica Series (4 yoga videos)

Baby M #11: Waiting (Erotica Series) PRO SHOT 2015 | 12 minutes erotica series

Inspired by the 1991 Madonna album Erotica, this video kicks of a series of 4!


Baby M #12 Thief of Hearts (Erotica Series) PRO SHOT 2015 | 7 minutes erotica series

Part 2 of my Erotica album series, teaching you how to open your heart but in A CONTAINED WAY 😀 
None of that offering & surrender stuff which would get you in a lot of trouble if you do that in such an early stage 😉
So stay connected to yourself.


Baby M #13 Deeper and Deeper (Erotica series) PRO SHOT 2015 | 12 minutes erotica series

Part 3 of my Erotica album series.
And the candid tone of the series have not changed! lol
(it’s fun watching these back after more than 5 years!)


Baby M #14 Did You Do It? (Erotica Series) PRO SHOT 2015 | 11 minutes erotica series

Part 4 { final } of my Erotica album series.
“Yoga is like sex. It is what it is, there are no re-takes.”
For this and other wisdom check the video with lots of challenging poses such as handstand, headstand and Ashtavakrasana (What?)
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