FULL yoga playlist PRO shot 2015 2016

shooting videos 2015 2016 | photo by Rebel Yoga 

I have a deal with myself!
EITHER – I m going to shoot yoga videos, reinventing
– my yoga
– my YouTube channels
– AND myself in 2021, six years after I shot professional videos for YouTube!

Or: I m going to dive in and reinstall as many old videos as I possibly can.

Today, with children driving their electrical carts next to my house, I opted for the second.
And although I do not feel as good as I would after having done yoga, instead of sitting at my desk:
It worth it!

The entire PRO shot series 2015-2016 list is finished, as is the Erotica playlist, and the #GirlBoss playlist.

PRO videos 2015 2016 (all professionally shot yoga videos) 
Also included at the bottom of this post

Erotica Series (4 videos)

#GirlBoss (6 videos)

Enjoy, and subscribe to the channels!

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And HERE for my reinvented Dutch yoga channel
(no new trailer available, just decided this yesterday)

See you soon!

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