Baby M yoga playlist 2016 + BEGINNER playlist!

I imagine me calling myself Baby M when I started filming asks for some explanation. But I had a yoga studio and it was called M Yoga, so that is what the M stood for.
Today I unlocked and updated number 12-15. For now the list with the first 15 videos I shot at home, is complete:

Archive home yoga – English
Previously archived yoga videos. They will be unlocked 2021 – 2022.
Dutch videos and fixed series will get their separate playlist(s)

A few months ago, I retrieved the professional videos: 

PRO videos 2015 2016
Okay, that? Was confronting!
I’m six years older, and I have a sitting job, I m no longer a yoga teacher.
But in particular because it’s so hard to get to my mat these days, I m very grateful for these videos.
Enjoy them, and I WILL go back to doing yoga for this channel! So subscribe! [July 2021]

extra : I started a beginner yoga playlist, and decided to add it to this blogpost as well.

Beginner Friendly (English) – Yoga Archives
New playlist of beginner friendly updated and reposted yoga videos.
Which I will be using myself as well, to start yoga again! I m building a Bon Jovi inspired community here on YouTube, that will start including yoga as well. I m calling it Rock Star Yoga, and it will be a mix of the yoga you see here, and Bon Jovi inspired wisdom.
Subscribe to the channel to stay posted. [ 16 December 2021 ]

The next project is retrieving a 30 day series!
It is called: Nijmeegse Vierdaagse 30 Day Yoga Challenge
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See you soon!

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