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Baby M yoga playlist 2016 + BEGINNER playlist!

I imagine me calling myself Baby M when I started filming asks for some explanation. But I had a yoga studio and it was called M Yoga, so that is what the M stood for. Today I unlocked and updated number 12-15. For now the list with the first 15 videos I shot at home,… Meer

FULL yoga playlist PRO shot 2015 2016

I have a deal with myself! EITHER – I m going to shoot yoga videos, reinventing – my yoga – my YouTube channels – AND myself in 2021, six years after I shot professional videos for YouTube! Or: I m going to dive in and reinstall as many old videos as I possibly can. Today,… Meer

Erotica Series 4 yoga videos | 2015 pro shot

Maybe it is because I love that 1992 Erotica album from Madonna.Or because there’s no way not to laugh at the combination of yoga and a teacher making sexual jokes.But these yoga videos have got to be my absolute favorite! These professionally shot videos were the start of a few years of creating yoga videos,… Meer

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